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The first slate of officers were Edward T Otis, Jr., President; Morris E. Speed, Vice President; Jesse W. Wiexelbam, Treasurer; and George M Fox, Secretary.   

Charter members were Adrian R. Allen, Jr., Frederick E. Allardt, Jr., Leonard L. Bishop, Edward D. Burden, Harvey E. Cooley, Henry L. Davis, Frederick Francais, Fred Garcia, John H. Hendrickson, Frederick R. Jagger, Jr., Leonard P. Jarvis, Walter P. Overwater, Emmerson M. Raynor, H. Steele Roberts, Alanson N. Rogers, Otto Schmiemann, Richard R. Seymour, Brinkly S. Snowden, Paul V.W. Waldo, Milton Wiexelbaum, Richard W. Wickes and William H. Winters, Jr.