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Jan 24 Bulletin
Grateful appreciation goes to Dr. Ruth Bruun, who served as editor, reporter and publisher of this newsletter for many years.  Almost before the dishes were cleared, she had news of the luncheon meeting flying into our email boxes.  We knew what happened and what should happen in the future.  Thanks, Ruth, for your dedicated service.  (Time now to lower expectations.)
We were pleased to welcome two guests..Beau Hulse from Southampton Rotary and Cosmo Ficara, who is being sponsored for membership in Westhampton Rotary by Hugh Merle
Mickey announced "IT'S TIME TO MAKE THE MEATBALLS!"  Show up this Thursday, Jan.26,  5 pm at Casa Basso to help make this vital ingredient.  Don't forget to wash your hands!   Then it's all hands on deck this Sunday, Jan.29th, 1 to 7 pm, for the SPAGHETTI DINNER at Casa Basso.  Sell those tickets! 
Our President wondered out  loud if we were doing anything for the St. Patrick's parade.  The float idea sank like a rock, but Linda agreed to ask Interact to carry the recently found flag,  And, after all, we are donating one of our most valuable assets:  Jim Hulme!
The Gift of Life Program is having a fundraising dinner on May 10th, 6:30-10:30 pm. Tickets are $100.  Bill Brenner said, “That’s a small price to payto save a child’s life.”  He wants to get a table from our club to go.  Four children from Kosovo are arriving shortly to receive life-saving surgery.  See Bill for details.

Related: A card of thanks for our recent donation came from Linda Wilkerson of Chikumbuso Medical Care for vulnerable children and women in Ng'ombe, Zambia.  What does “chikumbuso” mean?  Check it out:
DID YOU KNOW the Sergeant’s Program pays for club expenses, such as the floral wreath for Ham Andon’s funeral? 
Our next meeting on Jan. 29th  is in the evening, starting at 5:30 pm and gathering at the VFW Club.  Chad Vanderslice will be presenting a terrific program.  Bring a friend. 

What did I miss?  Feedback please! 
25th Annual Spaghetti Dinner!
Get your tickets at Lynne's Cards and Gifts!

Tuesday January 17th
Our District Governor, M J Fitzgerald, was here today and had a lot to tell us about various projects and upcoming events such as the food packaging program (part of; a ladies luncheon on March 19th;  bone marrow and organ donation programs; our 100th anniversary district celebration at a castle in Rye, NY in May; the International Convention in Atlanta, June 10th through 14th
and a program for Interact to collect “box tops for education.”  All of these things may be found on the District’s web site.
Students of the month were with us also.  Sophie Cohen was student of the Month for November and Steven Forte was Student of the Month for December.  Both are interested in scientific fields,
Sophie in biochemistry and Steven in chemical engineering.  
We gave the proceeds from Bell Ringing, $1250, to the Salvation Army. 
We need sponsors for the Spaghetti Dinner 
Finally, I am very pleased to say that Jack King will be taking over as the Newsletter writer at the end of this month.  Thank you, Jack. 
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